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MJ Physio we own a robust decompression traction table. The friction-free traction platform maximizes patient comfort and treatment outcomes.

Appointment with Physiotherapy clinics in Surrey

Looking for the best physiotherapy clinic in Surrey? Then MJ Physio is the right choice for you. You can download registration forms from M j Physio website, fill it and send to care@mjphysio.ca .We will be ready for you before you come to clinic.

Physio in Surrey - Serving Surrey & Surrounding

If you have been the victim of workplace or motor vehicle accident, then  Visit us today. Professional Physio in Surrey proudly serves its people. We  Offer Wide Range Of Comprehensive Services,  Personalized Medical Care,  and Comfortable Health & Fitness Center.

Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey - MJ Physio


Are you looking for reliable Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey? MJ Physio uses a hands-on approach and educates its patients about their problems and respected treatment plans. We also provide Home Exercise Plan (HEP) to take home with you for your active participation in the recovery of your health. Get in  Touch with us.

Top Most Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey
Top Most Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey

If you have gone through any kind of accident, then Mjphysio is one of the best Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey.  Our expert team gives the best treatment for your injury pain and to help you get back on the track. For further information, call us at +604.563.5684

Class 4 Laser Therapy Equipment | Mjphysio

Mjphysio is a renowned Clinic that offers  Class 4 Laser therapy. This therapy is a non-invasive use of laser power to relieve pain, reduce infection and speed up the healing process from acute and chronic conditions.

“MJphysio’s approach towards body pain”

Mjphysio uses the most advanced techniques to get the desired results for our clients. We are the best physio in Surrey. We offer both acupuncture and physiotherapy at our clinic to achieve maximum results. Pain can leave a negative impact on our lives. Therefore, it is advisable by our experts to treat your pain as soon as possible.


How do physiotherapy and acupuncture treat pain?

For acupuncture, we use fine needles to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points to improve blood circulation, while promoting the body’s self-healing ability.


What is our approach towards addressing patient’s needs?

We offer a wide range of solutions such as acupuncture, class 4 laser therapy, sports injury and rehabilitation, Vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, exercise training, active rehab, and orthotics; according to the patient’s needs and condition.


How we treat our patients?

We respect our patients and their needs. Firstly, we explain to them the problem followed by its treatment plan. Then, if he feels comfortable, then only we carry out with the procedure.


Apart from these, we also offer Class 4 laser therapy which is used as a healing approach towards wellness. The usage of soft lasers supplies the body with energy to trigger numerous regenerative processes.


We are a well-known sports physio in Vancouver. You will find amazing staff and good environment like caring, supportive and stimulating. Our therapists have over 18 years of experience. At MJphysio, you can see patients of diverse backgrounds with many different problems and all are happy with our treatment plans.

Physiotherapy Vancouver- Recover Your Injuries

Back pain might be due to overusing the tissues and muscles, or even due to different causes like a spinal problem. Taking no notice of the pain and performing daily activities in the absence of acceptable medical care might result in acute inflammation and chronic pain may become dangerous after a while which can lead to becoming bedridden.

Find Professional Clinic of Physiotherapy in Surrey | Mjphysio

Find professional clinic of Rehabilitation and physiotherapy in Surrey. Physiotherapy services are provided for people with health issues, movement disorders and physical challenges that affect their ability to function properly.

Browse Advance Clinic of Physiotherapy in Surrey | Mjphysio

Browse Advance physiotherapy in Surrey, Our Clinic is well equipped with all the advanced technology for quick pain relief. We are the best physiotherapy in Surrey. Schedule a free consultation today!

Certified Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey | Mjphysio
Certified Physiotherapy Clinics in Surrey | Mjphysio

At Mjphysio, our team of physiotherapist provides personalized physiotherapy treatment in Surrey. We are one of the professional physiotherapy clinics in Surrey. Schedule a free consultation today!

Find Professional Physiotherapy in Surrey | Mjphysio

Mjphysio is professional physiotherapy in Surrey. We offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for individuals with neurological conditions, such as Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Concussion, Balance & Vestibular Conditions.

Magicians of Physiotherapy Vancouver – Physiotherapy Vancouver

Physiotherapy Vancouver is not only the brand name but also a trustworthy service provider. In Vancouver as well as surrey, it has gained name and fame in offering services to the people of Canada.

Find Specialist in Sports Physio at Vancouver | Mjphysio

Are you finding Specialist Clinic for Sports Physio in Vancouver? Mjphysio is the right place for you. Whether you are suffering from lower back or neck pain, sports injuries, knee and shoulder problems, and headaches; everything is healed here.

Experienced Clinic of Class 4 Laser Therapy | Mjphysio

Mjphysio has an experience of more than 18 years in chiropractic treatment. It is one of the few clinics who initiated class 4 laser therapy in Surrey. Another clinic is in Vancouver.

Looking for class 4 laser therapy | Mjphysio
Looking for class 4 laser therapy | Mjphysio

Are you looking for a Class 4 laser therapy clinic? Laser therapies are to provide light energy units via infrared laser radiation, referred to as photons, to damaged cells. Our clinic provides flexible scheduling and a warm ambiance.

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I just love physiotherapies. I once had physical therapy in one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Vancouver. It was a spellbinding experiencing I ever had. The services of Fraser street physiotherapy offered to me was mind-blowing.